Roulette Winning Strategy – The One and Only?

If you’re here to read about a roulette winning strategy then you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down to watch the video or read about it if you have more time. I’ve encountered and tried at least a dozen different roulette strategies, and as a mathematician I can tell you that you won’t ever find a roulette strategy that’s worth playing. What do I mean by that? I mean literally it’s not worth sitting down and playing any winning roulette strategy, because it simply takes too much time compared to the actual winnings, therefore it’s not worth it time wise.

So is there a roulette winning strategy that’s worth playing?

Certainly, the answer is YES. But you need to make it time wise, so you don’t end up sitting in front of your computer making just a few bucks/hour. Or even better, make it so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer at all! How is this possible? Well, it’s only possible if the computer is playing instead of you and making all the bets on his own.

Are there really software that can play online roulette automatically?

There are a lot of computer bots out there that can play a simple roulette strategy at certain online casinos, but unfortunately they all lose in the long run. There are some semi-automatic bots too which can give you some roulette strategy tips, but those strategies are too risky, and you will lose your money pretty quickly if you listen to those. You need a strategy that wins constantly!

Is there a roulette software that works in the long run too?

The problem with the different roulette roulette strategies is that they will make you some money when you start using them, but soon you’ll find that after every 10 or 20 winning hands, they will lose more than they’ve won for you so far. So in average you’ll lose money, therefore it’s not worth using them. On the other hand, there are some roulette winning strategies that also work in the long run, but with those strategies you will only make a few bucks/hour and soon you’ll get tired of doing the same thing over and over again for no money. That’s where my software comes in!

What does your software do?

My software takes this slow, but sure roulette winning strategy and plays it completely automatically, so you won’t even have to sit in front of your computer at all. It does it perfectly, and never makes a mistake.

How does your software do it?

My software uses state of the art image recognition, so it can actually read the outcome of each bet and make the next bet accordingly. It super fast, so it will make the most money possible using this sure strategy, and that’s why it works in the long run too.

Will your software win every bet?

Of course not. That’s simply not possible. The point is to have more winning bets than losing bets, so in the end you’ll make some profit. That’s exactly what my strategy is based on, and as you’ll see in the video, my bot will lose some bets, but on average it will win way more, and that’s why it’s a roulette winning strategy!

Is it legal to use a software like that?

It is legal because you are not interfering with the casino’s software in any way. The bot simulates simple movements that any human player could do, the only difference is that the bot does it a lot faster. So in theory you could do the same moves too if you were faster. This is completely legal even if it the bot simulates a roulette winning strategy.

Can I see a demonstration of your software?

I’ve made a short video of it and uploaded it to Youtube, you can watch it here:

How do I get the software?


My older version doesn’t work anymore, but luckily one of my friends was able to develope a much better NEW version which works at ANY online casino. He, however, decided to charge a small fee for it, but believe me, it’s much-much less than the money you can make with it. You can get it here: Roulette Software

I hope you liked my blog and roulette winning strategy, have a very nice and productive day!

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